Retell The Passage:

  • Q1 - According to Ephesians 1:13, how do I learn about the good news of eternal life?

    •  I hear the message of truth from someone.

  • What does Ephesians 1:13 say needs to happen before God permanently marks a person with the Holy Spirit? 

    • belief in Jesus

  • In the beginning of Ephesians 1:14, who is the down payment on earth for our permanent inheritance in heaven?   

    • the Holy Spirit

  • According to Hebrews 12:7, how does God use suffering in the life of a Christ-follower?  

    • as discipline

  • Hebrews 12:7 says that God’s discipline is proof of what?

    • that He is treating you as His child

  • Q6 - What does Hebrews 12:8 state that all Christ-followers will receive?

    • discipline

  • Q7 - According to Hebrews 12:8, what is a lack of discipline proof of?

    • that a person is an illegitimate child (not really a Christ-follower)


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