Retell The Passage:

  • According to Psalm 119:9, how can you avoid sin?

    • by obeying God’s word

  • In Psalm 119:10, what attitude toward God is necessary?

    • to seek God whole-heartedly

  • What attitude does Psalm 119:11 say you are to have toward God’s word?

    • to treasure it

  • Psalm 119:12 says we should ask who to help us understand God’s word?

    • God

  • According to Psalm 119:15+16, what four steps should you take when reading God’s word?

    • meditate on God’s instructions, think about God’s ways, delight in God’sinstructions, and memorize God’s word

  • According to Philippians 4:4, where are we to find our joy?

    • in our relationship with God

  • Who does Philippians 4:5 say is always near to us?

    • the Lord

  • In Philippians 4:6, what are you to worry about?

    • nothing

  • What are you to do rather than worry? (Philippians 4:6)

    • pray to God with thanksgiving

  • What are you to pray about according to Philippians 4:6?

    • everything

  • In Philippians 4:7, what do we see as the result of praying to God about everything?

    • The peace of God, which is beyond understanding, will be ours.


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