We believe that Christ-followers should be the most generous people on earth to support worthy causes, and there is no organization with more potential to change the world than the local church. Pinnacle's card processing solutions help you make easy, convenient and secure giving either through envelope, text or online. Once you follow the prompts on the screen or your phone you will receive a receipt to confirm your secure giving.


  1. Save the number 509-424-5336 to your phone.

  2. Text Give.

  3. Follow the text prompts.



You can click HERE to give online. If you want to give without setting up an account, simply click on the Give Now button on the log-in screen. Setting up a log-in allows you to establish a re-occurring gift.



You can also use an offering envelope. These are available on every campus and can be dropped in the connection box or mailed to the Church @ P.O. Box 30312, Spokane, Washington 99223.

Ready to make a budget? Make a plan and stick to it! Click here to get a printed practical budget. Click here if you want an excel budget. 

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