How much of a difference can a night or a week make? More than you think. We partner with different ministries and organizations all over the world to share Jesus’ love with people. Together, our churches are making a lasting impact in the communities we serve.

Family Day Emergency Shelter. For the first time in Spokane's history, there will now be a shelter available for displaced families who need a warm shelter, a welcoming smile and some help to find sustainable housing. 

Fighting hunger, feeding hope: Second Harvest brings community resources together to feed people in need through empowerment, education and partnerships.

Sam and Judith married in December 10, 1994 and they have five children, four boys and one girl. Sam grew up in Africa but now he lives in Kent, Washington planting a Bread of Life International Fellowship. Bread of Life International Fellowship (BOLIF) started in June 2016 in Kent, Washington. They focus on multiethnic people groups. Kent is the sixth largest city in Washington state with a population of more than 125,000 diverse residents speaking 138 languages. Kent is the fourth largest distribution center in United States, hence the influx of many immigrants into the city. Visit his Facebook page HERE.

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